Week 1 (March 5th t0 11th): Sick, sick, sick and tired of being sick

March 9th and 10th- Fred gave me his cold-so i’ve been out cold, so to speak.
I am finally writting here in the Philippines-my bad cold sort of slowed me down.  I have not been writing nor have I been really exploring much beyond the neighborhood. At this point, I have gone around « The Grove » which is the comlpex where we will be living and working for the next year. It’s an upscale complex with a number of apartment towers. The condo is large, with three bed rooms. The living room space is the actual office and there is an other couple also living here. That means I am confined to the bed room or I must be out during work hours-which are 2pm to 11pm. As our bedroom is large, that works out just fine. Plus, with my cold and feeling like all I want to do it sleep and eat soup-being confined the room hasn’t been an issue at all.
The two pools, tennis court and strip mall in the complex are just super luxurious-I can’t even begin o describe how weird it feels to be living in such a fancy place. I have complicated feelings about it. This is definitely fancier then anywhere I have ever lived and   is very different from what I was expecting. I don’t know know what I was expecting-bot this in any case.
Finally, while it may sound uninteresting or banal, I have been doing regular yoga and swimming again. It helps that I am not working but that my partner is. It’s very strange not to be working for a full year and mooching off of Fred. He doesn’t seem to mind though- and I am glad for it.
I hope the week to come will be more exciting-as I am feeling much better now then at the beginning of the week.

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