Week 12 (May 22nd-28th): At home, feeling at home

May 24: Finally feeling at home.
Walking to the café where I am writing, in the strip mall next to the condo tower where I live (aka The Grove), I had the strangest feeling… I thought “this feels like home for now.” Gradually, I think The Grove has started to feel like a place I live. It’s not quite home, but something like it. I finally recognize the suffocating humidity as the humidity I live and breathe in. I have finally learned to plan for being outside for extended periods of time (sweating like a pig) AND plan for being inside in freezing Air con temperatures. Some of my expressions are changing and I am starting to feel comfortable making choices around norms I respect and those I transgress… like swimming pools and whether I will go in a bathing suit or in a rash guard and shorts or leggings like most people do here. I finally have a sense of where the line lies and which transgressions are seen as acceptable and which ones might not. I finally feel like a strange person who happens to live here, rather than a stranger.

Yesterday I spoke to my sister about her plans for Asia travels coming up. I think I will be seeing her and her family in July or August. I look forward to seeing her, my nieces and her husband. I think they are incredible people who inspire me to align my life more with my desires rather then the other way around. My sister is the main person to have inspired this principle in me. We have very different dreams, but we are both committed to making these a reality and living according to our values in a deep sense, convention be damned.

May 28: Nesting
Today is Saturday and the day has been generally uneventful. In the last week i’ve felt particularly at home here. My routines are finally sinking in and helping me feel grounded in this new place, this temporary home (cooking/cleaning, yoga/running, writing). I had an « aha » moment this morning making breakfast (an omelette and carrot muffins Fred and I baked together). I had planned on checking out a photogaphy fair in Manila, because i had been feeling cranky about not doing more, not exploring as much, not travelling constantly. So, I thought at least I would go epxlore the city. However, during breakfast-making, suddenly I had a strong desire to stay home, tiddy-up and clean and more then anything else, write. I think that’s what happens when you are home, you want to invest into that home; you nest. That’s a happy realization.
So, I did just that; I cooked, I cleaned, I ran, I wrote.
And tonight, I pack for our day hike at Paliparan and Tungtong falls. We leave at 1am and will arrive in (province/region) by 5am to hike. Next adventure here I come!


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