Week 16 (June 19-25): Taking a breath after two weeks that took my breath away

June 24: Cooking KareKare

It’s been a slow week. But, I am finally done catching up on all my blog entries. I am excited to spend more time focusing on writing about my travels and working on other forms of writing; essays and poetry, rather than constantly editing past blog entries and posing them. I have only 1 week left to catch up and then I will try and post a weekly travel blog post and at least 1 poetry or essay piece each week. No promises though, muses aren’t always reliable.

Yesterday I finally got around to trying my hand at cooking a Filipino dish. Of all things, I chose Karekare which is a peanut butter-based dish with ox tail/knuckles and banana heart and lots of other yummy things I am not so accustomed to eating. On the other hand it took like three hours to make so I am glad it was tasty, because otherwise that would have been very frustrating. Anyway, I will definately make KareKare again, but probably not often because it’s definately a time commitment.

On Sunday we leave for San Juan. I feel pretty ready to go on a new adventure. Maybe I’ll d a trek from there or maybe I will wait to be home and fly to somewhere, We shall see what adventures come next!

June 25th: MANILA PRIDE!

Today was Manila Pride. It meant a lot to me that I was able to attend. The real highlight, I would say, was seeing that all speeches were being interpreted into sign language, something I think should be done Automatically, at all community/public events. I also enjoyed walking around the stalls and learning a little bit more about the LGBT advocacy work being done here. I don’t know that I got a very complete picture, and I definately have much more to learn. It felt good to connect to community and something greater then myself , which I also have a personnal stake in. On the other hand, it was, as expected, hard to see the state of violence against LGBT people in the Philippines, as well as globally. Of course, some time was spent commemorating those lost to the Orlando shooting. My heart is broken over this violence and it feels heavy to remember, though rememberance is also imperative. The best way forward to me, is doing exactly what I was doing today, showing up, comming together in communion and fighting like hell for the living. So today, like everyday has to be a fight and a celebration of all that we have achieved, and all that I am.


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