LinkYourLife Day 3: What do you do when you are offline

What am I doing when I am not online? Not much frankly. These days, I’m writing, playing homemaker and reading. But let’s be honest, most of the time I am online. This prompt didn’t inspire me much, to be honest. Mainly, I was struggling with a way to make this post interesting.  I am trying not be redundant here, as most of my blog covers this, but I am not sure how I fared.

I thought maybe something of interest would be talking about who I am when I am not travelling. Readers are getting a sense of what I am like when I am following my dream but this is only one year in my life, and it hasn’t alway been like that. So here is a long list of things that I am apart from tis magical year of travel.

A social worker-I’ve worked in shelters for street youth, assisted migrants with accessing health care and worked with people who have experienced sexual violence.

A Partner-I’m polyamorous. I have been with my partner Fred for 5 years.

A fencer– I fenced throughout university and don’t do it nearly enough anymore. But I love it and identify strongly as a fencer. An epeeist, if you must know (anything else would be unimpressive or overly dramatic…I’m looking at you foilists and saberers

A runner-I ran as a teen and only recently started running again. I love it.I run every day between 5 and 10km when I am not travelling to places where running feels like a bad idea.

A friend- Aren’t we all? Anywho, I definitely invest a lot into my friendships.

A pop music lover-Like dancing alone in my apartment while cleaning, singing at the top of my lungs.

A chronically anxious person– I’ll write about this some day. I had one very rough patch where I had regular panic attacks and intense chronic anxiety. Now I am just constantly mildly anxious, which isn’t perfect, but much more manageable.

Exhausted- Before this year, between chronic anxiety and social work’s emotional labor I’ve been chronically tired. This year feels altogether different.

A second generation Immigrant- My father and his family came to Canada from the Netherlands at the threat of the cold war. My grand-parents where resistance fighters during WWII. The latter is a big part of my identity

An LGBTQ rights activist-The last year a lot of my work was centred around such advocacy.

A nature lover-If you’ve been reading my blog, you already know this.

An expert on campus sexual violence prevention/Policies- I always have one foot in this kind of advocacy/support/education work wether t be volunteering, paid work, or just staying in the loop with recent developments in the field.


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